Yohkoh Flare Catalogue(HXT/SXT/WBS) is a part of a paper published in Solar Physics by Springer Netherlands. This catalog was included in our site by permission of the publisher and the authours.

Title: YOHKOH/WBS Recalibration and a Comprehensive Catalogue of Solar Flares
       Observed by YOHKOH SXT, HXT and WBS Instruments

Authors:  J. Sato, Y. Matsumoto, K. Yoshimura, S. Kubo, J. Kotoku, S. Masuda,
          M. Sawa, K. Suga, M. Yoshimori, T. Kosugi and T. Watanabe

Journal: Solar Physics (Springer Netherlands)
Issue:   p. 351-368, Volume 236, Number 2 / July, 2006
ISSN:    0038-0938 (Print) 1573-093X (Online)
DOI:     10.1007/s11207-006-1831-5

Yohkoh/BCS flare catalog is provided by UCL's Mullard Space Science Laboratory and was prepared by Paul Kuin and Carl Foley with the support of PPARC.

Yohkoh/SXT limb flare catalog is an imported version of the original limb-flare catalog developed by Sam Freeland (LMSAL).

Yohkoh/SXT sigmoid catalog is a list of 107 sigmoids studied in the following paper.

Title:	Yohkoh SXT Full-Resolution Observations of Sigmoids: Structure,
        Formation, and Eruption

Authors: Canfield, Richard C.; Kazachenko, Maria D.; Acton, Loren W.;
         Mackay, D. H.; Son, Ji; Freeman, Tanya L.

Jounal: The Astrophysical Journal
Issue:  pp. L81-L84, Volume 671, Issue 1, / December, 2007.
DOI     10.1086/524729

Yohkoh/SXT X-ray Plasma Ejections (XPEs) Catalogue was developed by the Institute of Astronomy, Wroclaw University, Poland.

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