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Yohkoh/SXT Calibration Notes

SXT team's internal documents scanned and saved in PDF.

No.5 The SXT X-ray Neutral-densty Filters 14-Sep-1990
No.13 Entrance Annulus of SXT 7-Dec-1990
No.14 Semi-Emperical SXT Mirror Figure and Finite Distance Correction 18-Dec-1990
No.25 Effective Area of SXT Mirror 17-Jun-1991
No.29 Preliminary Calibration of SXT Flight X-ray Filters 25-Jan-1992
No.30 Effective Area of SXT Mirror (In-Flight) 17-Dec-1992
No.31 SXT X-ray Effective Area 11-Feb-1993
No.32 Offpoint Needed to Place Sun's Image Completely on the Conical Baffle 19-Mar-1993
No.36 SXT X-ray and Optical Axes 25-Jan-1994
No.37 SXT X-ray Vignette Function 31-Jan-1994
No.41 Synthetic SFCs ??-Jun-2003

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