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SXT Full-Disk Light Curve 5

Image name: 2sun_and+litecurv_960423.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 265.798 KB (1024x768)
Date submitted: 29-Apr-1996

         Updated 2-sum picture.
 	 4/29/96, LWA

This is an update of the "standard" Al.1 2-sun picture with 3 improvements. 

1.  It covers the period

	(first, last) = '30-SEP-91  13:36:21', '10-FEB-96  19:17:38'

2.  I've abandoned quoting the x-ray signal in terms of flux for the
time being, pending improved analysis of errors in converting SXT signal to
solar radiance in some spectral band.

3.  The Al.1 signals, obtained from the SXL database, have been corrected for
the low-signal error introduced by the SFD compression scheme.  Thus, the
low-signal data are considerably more accurate -- although still not perfect.

This image was prepared for Dick White and Len Culhane for talks they had to

By the way, the images are AlMg even though the flux values are from Al.1.



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