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3-Nov-1994 Full Sun Images

Image name: 3-Nov-94_Full_Sun.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 215.396 KB (512x768)
Date submitted: 16-Dec-1994

A sequence of images of the Sun taken as the shadow of the Moon crosses.
In the first image (upper left) Yohkoh has just come into sunlight, and
the Moon has already covered the North Pole of the Sun. In four-minute
steps, Yohkoh recorded the other images shown; the Moon swung from W to E
(right to left), then from N to S (top to bottom) before disappearing
from the field of view. At various positions the Moon occults bright
active regions. The bright active region at the NW produces an spike-
shaped artifact that extends into the lunar shadow, as a result of
saturation. The exposure times were 40 seconds, long enough so that
the lunar shadow is smeared slightly. One can see some scattered light
radiating away from the bright sources into the lunar shadow.

(prepared 16-Dec-1994 LWA, HSH)

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