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Coronal Dimming during CME of 28-Aug-1992

Image name: 920828_cme_ver4.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 218.887 KB (500x913)
Date submitted: 26-Feb-1996

Four pannel figure showing Yohkoh-SXT images taken 28 August 1992.
The images have been rotated so that north is to the right and
east is at the top of each frame.  The sequence proceeds in time
from top to bottom frame, spanning nearly 3 hours.  Of particular
interest is the dimming of the corona above the bright compact
loops which expanded during this event but appear to remained intact.
The corona above the bright loops is not intact and the large closed
loop structures are seen to open and expand as this region of the
corona moves off the east limb of the Sun and out of the field
of view of the SXT.  

Images prepared by Greg Slater and Hugh Hudson.

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