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Active-Region Transient Brightenings 2

Image name: ARTBs_ApJ422_Fig1contined.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 75.1690 KB (869x1002)
Date submitted: 25-Apr-1994

Figure Captions from
T.Shimizu et al. 1994, ApJ, "Morphology of Active-Region Transient
Brightenings with the Yohkoh Soft X-ray Telescope", 422, 906-911

Figure 1: Evolution of active-region transient brightenings.
The size of each image is 2.05 arcmin x 2.05 arcmin. North is up and
west is to the right. Theses images are normalized for exposure time
and adjusted for the differing filter transmission (Al 1265A and
Al/Mg/Mn filters).
Panels (a) through (e) show simultaneous brightenings of multiple
loops, with the initial brightening of the whole loop (a), at
footpoints (b), at the contact point (c), both at the footpoints and
at the contact point (d), and at the contact point and a footpoint (e),
respectively. Panel (f) is an example of the point-like brightenings.
Panels (g) through (i) show brightenings of the single loops, with
the initial brightening of the whole loop (g), at the both end of the
loop (h), and at one-side of the loop (i), respectively. In panel (h),
the black strip is an artifact.

See the paper in detail.

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