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Thin Aluminum Darkframe Test

Image name: Al.1_darkframe_test.png (click image to enlarge)
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Date submitted: 04-Nov-1997

     Thin Al Darkframe Test
This plot summarises the results of a test to see
if the signal acquired in a dark exposure behind
the thin aluminum filter shows any evidence of
difference in level due to the shutter position.
The test was run in the period
(first, last) = '28-OCT-97  13:30:20', ' 3-NOV-97  14:23:30'
with an exposure of DPE=25.
The upper plot shows the total signals in the 
sxt_decompressed darkframes.  There is an 8 percent
difference between the high and low values and a
suggestion that there might be a bifurcation or
trifurcation of signal levels.  The lower plot shows
that essentially all the variation in dark signal
can be attributed to the time since the beginning
of the orbit (i.e., time since end of UV flood).
The lower curve looks just like those derived
previously when studying this effect.  There is
no evidence in these data for a shutter-position
bifurcation of dark signal.
                               L. Acton

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