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AlMg Terminator Variation

Image name: AlMg_Terminator_Variation.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 16.5880 KB (700x950)
Date submitted: 05-Nov-1995


Upper right: Total straylight signal in 149 AlMg terminator images

Upper left: Variation versus time to sunset Increased dispersion at late
times is confirmed.)

Mid left: Time variation of terminators taken between 15 and 25 sec
before sunset. 

Mid right: Variation with Y pointing (also no strong trend with X)

Bottom left: Comparison of mid-left data with forward support plate

Bottom right: Signal vs.  temperature scatter plot, perhaps there is
some correlation(?)

Conclusion: At least for AlMg there is +/- 20% varation in straylig ht
signal that seems to increase with time and to show some correlation
with temperature.  If the preflight calibration is to believed this
variation cannot be blamed on shutter variations which are less than

                           Loren Acton  5/11/95

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