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Variation of AlMg Straylight with Pointing

Image name: AlMg_stray_vs_ATT.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 197.213 KB (1212x700)
Date submitted: 04-Nov-1996

							  L. Acton


The data shown here were taken from just over 100 Dagwood images with
the same nominal (3 arcmin west offpoint) pointing.  The raw
(sxt_compressed) signals were averaged over the areas indicated on the
figure.  The data were not decompressed nor dark-corrected because of
memory limitations -- but it doesn't make any difference for this analysis.

I conclude the following from examination of these data for AlMg:

	1) A straylight change of 1 DN corresponds to a pointing
	shift in either X or Y of roughly 4 FR pixels or 10 arcsec.

	2) The correlation of AlMg straylight intensity is stronger
	with X than with either Y or sqrt(Y^2 + X^2).

I recommend a value of 5 for the AlMg Dlt-Pnt parameter in mk_sfc.param.	

A compressed genx file with all the plots from this work is in


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