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10-May-1994 Annular Eclipse Prediction 1

Image name: Annular_Eclipse_May_10.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 44.0750 KB (768x512)
Date submitted: 22-Mar-1994

Projected lunar paths for the five episodes of the annular eclipse
of 10 May 1994 as seen by Yohkoh. The outline images of the Moon are at
two-minute intervals. The image of the Sun is from 17 March 1994, two
rotations prior to the eclipse. The dotted lunar outlines are during
Yohkoh eclipse, solid lines during Yohkoh sunlight. Lunar traces are
at two-minute intervals.

The five eclipse episodes, top left to lower right, have epochs at
minimum angular separation of:

14:14:39 UT
15:44:40 UT
17:05:09 UT
18:31:27 UT
20:02:18 UT

Submitted 22 March 1994 by H. Hudson and M. Soma

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