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CCD Cool Down Transient

Image name: CCD_COOL_DOWN.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 9.90200 KB (640x982)
Date submitted: 12-Oct-1996

                         CCD Cool Down Transient

When the thermal strap assembly (TSA) heater is turned off and the thermo-
electric cooler (TEC) is turned on at the end of CCD bakeout the cooldown
of the CCD follows the sort of profiles shown here.  These curves were made
from the index structurs of all of the SPR images using gt_temp_ccd(index). 

Note the apparent TEC undershoot which lasts about 10 minutes.  Examination
of dark frames taken during this undershoot interval indicates that the CCD
does not actually follow this thermal profile.  The dark current during the
time the gt_temp_ccd value is below the stable value of -20.9919 C is
actually _above_ the stable baseline value. 

                            L. Acton 12-Oct-96

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