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Source of Coronal Mass in a CME? -- the 940227 Event

Image name: CME_Formation_27_feb_94.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 12.3920 KB (1024x512)
Date submitted: 11-Jun-1995

Source of Coronal Mass in a CME?

Left panel, image of the early phase of an over-the-limb (about 6 degrees)
LDE flare of Feb. 27, 1994. The boxes show integration areas for two 

Right panel, the light curves from the two regions. The increase at the
end of the plot (~09:20) probably results from scattered light as the
loop prominence system grows in brightness (GOES maximum was at 09:20).
The initial decreases seen in both boxes must represent ejection of the
coronal material coincident with the brightening of the flare (GOES
start was at 08:25, but really it took off at about 08:56). The upper
time profile suggests that the bulk of the CME may have originated not
high in the corona, but at the rather low altitude corresponding to the
bright features in the image.

HSH 11-Jun-95

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