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Al.1 and AlMg SFC Boundaries

Image name: Compare_AL_and_AlMg_SFCs.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 11.8380 KB (800x800)
Date submitted: 20-Jan-1998

		Al.1 and AlMg SFC Boundaries

This figure compares the rows and columns 20 pixels inside
edges of the SFC image of the following 2 SFCs:

sfc971211.0130 - Open /Al.1  Half Norm C  23  2668.0  512x512
sfc971212.1308 - Open /AlMg  Half Norm C  25  5338.0  512x512

The higher intensity, noisy curves are Al.1.  The objective
of the comparison is to show that the Al.1 straylight has the
same hourglass shaped intensity pattern underlying the other
artifacts caused by pinholes and transmission through the
thin aluminum filter.

The answer is -- yes it does have the underlying hourglass
pattern.  No surprise.

			 L. Acton  20-Jan-98

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