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Coronal Hole Temperature Measurement

Image name: Coronal_Hole_eclipse.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 105.529 KB (810x400)
Date submitted: 12-Mar-1994

Coronal Hole Temperature Measurement

The partial eclipse of 13 Nov. 1992 provided an opportunity to use the
Moon as a reference for absolute X-ray photometry. This is important in
faint parts of the solar corona, such as coronal holes. This figure
illustrates the use of the lunar obscuration of the coronal hole in the
SE quadrant. The irregular dark areas in the right-hand figure show
where integrations were done to establish the brightness levels. These
observations confirm the Yohkoh discovery of an unexpectedly
high-temperature component in the coronal-hole plasma.

Submitted 12 March 1992 by H. Hara

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