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Diffuser X-Ray Compare of 941104

Image name: Diffuser_XR_Compare_941104.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 263.610 KB (512x768)
Date submitted: 08-Nov-1994

The image in the upper left is an SXT X-Ray image (AlMg) taken on 4-Nov-1994.

The image in the upper right is a difference of two SXT diffuser images
taken on 8-Nov-1994 and 26-Nov-1994 (from Loren Acton).

The primary motivation for this comparison was due to an error in SXT which
occured on 3-Nov at approximately 18:45 UT.  At that time, the SXT shutter
was left open for approximately 25 minutes with X-ray filters in place.
The X-Ray image in this particular display was taken approximately 6 hours
after the event, so rotate the X-rays accordingly when looking for correlations.
(Data closer to the event will be available when the DSN data is available)

Submitted by: Sam Freeland, 8-Nov-1994

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