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Long-term Variation of Diffuser Images

Image name: diffuser_variation.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 309.081 KB (768x512)
Date submitted: 5-Mar-2014

          Long-term Variation of Diffuser Images

An opal glass diffuser was installed in the forward filter wheel (FWA) of the SXT for use in recording CCD flat-field images on a routine basis. However, the diffuser images were by no means "flat" and recorded visible light artifacts not present in the x-ray images. Thus the diffuser images were of limited use for their original purpose. However, they served a useful purpose in recording the evolution of ionizing-radiation damage to the CCD. Mission-long variation of diffuser images (javascript movie). The diffuser movie incorporates approximately 1 image per week throughout the mission. Beginning 19-Jun-1999 only a quarter of the CCD image was read out at full resolution because the half-resolution images became saturated. Note that the smooth images with an L in the bottom line of the label are 12 bit images. The images with a C are made from compressed 8 bit images. LWA 3/5/2014

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