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Specks on SXT Diffuser Image

Image name: Diffuser_specks.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 609.683 KB (1024x735)
Date submitted: 23-Feb-1994


This image was assembled from full resolution FFIs
taken on 8 and 21-Feb-94 in compressed and low-8
mode with DPE=4. The restored FFIs when pasted
together show the CCD from line 287 to the top of
the CCD. The assembled image was smoothed with
BIG_SMOOTH.PRO using a width of 25 and subtracted
from the original image and them displayed with
tvscl,diff>-25<5 to yield this image.

As dark subtraction was not done the column blems
remain as do the CCD manufacturing artifacts.
The pattern of the x-ray damage at the limbs from
the various long term pointings of the SXT are
clearly revealed in this image. X-ray damage
from some flares also show up on the disk in this

The tiny specks are the new feature. They are
roughly 20 DN deep on a signal level of roughly
800 DN. Their distribution is inconsistent with
either proton damage or x-ray damage from intense
flare kernels. They do not match the location of
dark spikes. What are they????
LWA 2/23/94

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