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Comparison of EIT and SXT images 3: FeIX vs AlMg

Image name: EIT-SXT_III.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 112.010 KB (1000x800)
Date submitted: 14-Oct-1995

Comparison of EIT and Yohkoh SXT images III:  FeIX vs AlMG

The EIT image appears at lower left with a purple color table; the SXT
sum image is at lower right with a green color table. The composite
image at the upper right shows both; the black/white axis shows equal
brightness according to the color square at upper left. Note that the
EIT image is a single 3.5-sec exposure, whereas the SXT Dagwood image
is an average for 60 minutes.

HH 14-Oct-95

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