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24-Oct-1995 Eclipse Predictions

Image name: Eclipse_oct_95.png (click image to enlarge)
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Date submitted: 20-Sep-1995

Predictions for the total solar eclipse of 24 October 1995, as
observed by Yohkoh. The plot shows the distance between Sun and
Moon centers as a function of time; the asterisks are two minutes
apart during the orbit day periods. For this eclipse Yohkoh will
certainly be able to observe the deep near-totality at 03:36:52,
and may also be able to observe the tangency at 07:23:38. Based
upon the current Yohkoh ephemeris and the calculations of M. Soma
(National Astronomical Observatory of Japan), the limb of the
Moon will miss the limb of the Sun by 30 arc seconds, but this
may change somewhat with improved ephemerides nearer the time
of eclipse. 

Hugh Hudson 20-Sep-95

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