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Expanding Active-Region Loops -- the 920422 Event

Image name: Expanding_Loops.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 68.5990 KB (256x640)
Date submitted: 20-Mar-1994

Expanding active-region loops seen by SXT on 22 April 1992. The time
sequence, from top to bottom, is 24 minutes in duration (03:39:45 to
04:13:53). In these images south is to the top, west to the right. The
brighter loops near the centers of the images appear to be interacting
by magnetic reconnection as they slowly brighten. The fainter loops
near the top are expanding with an apparent velocity of about 40 km/sec.
The larger loop seen in the center panel shows a definite twisted
configuration. This is an especially clear (and fast!) example of the
common tendency of magnetic loops in solar active regions to expand

Submitted 20 March 1994 by M. Akioka, L. Acton, H. Hudson

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