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Post-flare Giant Arches -- the 911102 Event

Image name: Giant_Arches.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 72.7480 KB (384x512)
Date submitted: 21-May-1995

Post-flare Giant Arches

These images show a set of large arches rising from an active region
at the W limb on 2-3 November 1991. This is an example of the "post-
flare giant arch" phenomenon discovered by Z. Svestka in the SMM/HXIS
observations. Such structures are characterized by continuous growth
extending to very great altitudes, as opposed to ordinary post-flare
loop systems whose growth gradually slows with time. Another distinction
for this event is that the temperature of the brightest part of the
arch structure INCREASES with time and height, rather than decreasing
as is normal with a post-flare loop system (F. Farnik).

Submitted 21-May-95, H. Hudson

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