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Gigantic Jet from the 920111 "Anemone-type" Region

Image name: Gigantic_Jet.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 263.218 KB (720x1000)
Date submitted: 24-Jul-1995

Time series of SXT images of a gigantic coronal jet of 11 January 1992 
(Shibata et al. 1994, Ap. J. Lett. 431. L51).  The footpoint of the jet 
is the "anemone-type" active region NOAA 7001. The size of each figure 
is 1200" x 1040" (about 8.6 x 10^5 km x 7.5 x 10^5 km). The surrounding
region is a coronal hole. These are 2.7-s exposure time (negative) images 
through the SXT thin aluminum filter. North is at the top, West to the right.
Please note the changes at the footpoint of the jet during its evolution.

Submitted 24-Jul-95 (K. Shibata)

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