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SXT High Level X-Ray Images from the 25-Jun-1992 evnet

Image name: High_level.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 186.728 KB (756x504)
Date submitted: 26-Apr-1994


Demonstration of the photometric quality of SXT images.
Data from June 25, 1992 X-class flare, 22:58-23:07 U.T. interval.
Images in Thin Al, Thick Al, and Be filters are used.

Images are:
Top left: Single exposure, Thick Al filter.
Top center: Sum of 60 Thick Al images.
top right: Sum image deconvolved for SXT point-spread-function.
Bottom:left: Emission measure derived from combination of
deconvolved images in all 3 filters.
Bottom Center: Log(Temperature) derived from 3-filter sum images.
Bottom right: Log(Temperature) derived from 3-filter deconvolved images.

Intensity and Emission Measure images are scaled logarithmically,
between maximum and 0.001 x maximum.
Temperature images are scaled from log(T) 6.6 to 7.3.

Submitted April 26, 1994 Barry LaBonte

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