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"Streamer Blowout" in the Low Corona -- the 920124 event

Image name: Jan_24_Bugle.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 47.6700 KB (512x852)
Date submitted: 03-Jun-1992

Illustration of a "streamer blowout" or "bugle" as observed in the low
corona by Yohkoh/SXT. The event is the 24-Jan-92 event of Hiei et al.
(GRL 20, 2,785, 1993). The plot at the bottom shows light curves from two
regions of the corona, one (*) to the S of the developing arcade, and one (+)
at its brightest point at about 12:00 UT. The image at the top shows the
difference of two images (14:33 minus 06:01), with the zero contour
overlaid. The voids left by the blowout are the regions S and N of the
arcade, plus the areas at the top of the image on the disk.

HSH, 3-Jun-92

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