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Soft X-ray Jet of 7-Dec-1991

Image name: Jet_With_Secondary_Brightening.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 50.4480 KB (512x328)
Date submitted: 03-Jan-1994


Soft X-ray Jet of 7 Dec. 1991

The four panels here show a jet starting from a flaring bright point at
the bottom of the images (the square extensions upward are artifacts of
CCD saturation resulting from the brightness of the flare). The jet
arcs through the corona and impacts the surface, near the pole (the N
limb of the Sun can barely be seen in this representation), some 12
minutes later. The motion is well-collimated and at a speed of about
1000 km/s. This remarkable event is best seen in movie representation.
For details, see the paper by Strong et al. (PASJ 44, L161).

Submitted by Hugh Hudson, Jan. 3, 1994.

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