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New SFC Difference Images

Image name: New_SFC_Difference_Images.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 261.445 KB (768x768)
Date submitted: 20-Feb-1998

Here, some difference images of the closest SFC images are shown.  
For each SFC image, I selected the partner using the same condition
used in sel_leak_image (minimizing the generalized separation including
the difference of solar radius).

Consistent with the result of my study from August 1997, these difference 
images show the pinholes and the "retina" pattern, even when the separation
is less than or around 1".  The panels (d) and (e) show particularly 
strong signals from the western pinhole.  On the other hand the image
in panel (f) is rather dark and flat even though the separation is larger
than the other images shown here.  

Following Jean-Pierre Wuelser's suggestion, I checked the ATT data for all
the images used here, and found that the "status1" field is always "4",
meaning good data.  

I hope somebody will be able to explain why the leak images are so different 
even if the attitude data show they are taken at very close positions.

Sorry, my show_pix items are always more depressing than encouraging.

Nariaki Nitta, 20-Feb-98

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