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Night Flares!

Image name: Night_Flare.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 8.04100 KB (1024x256)
Date submitted: 20-Nov-1994

This image displays the relationship between two
intervals of Flare mode, Yohkoh Ephemeris, and
KSC contact time.  Since this 'flare' happens at
night and during a KSC contact, it is probably
related to real time KSC commanding.  It is associated
with a BCS memory dump (due to BCS SEU error). 
Preliminary thinking is that Flare mode is used 
facilitate the dumping of BCS memory during the KSC
night contact (will confirm).  Since this event was
flagged in the event log, perhaps we will consider 
filtering out flares which occur during Yohkoh night!

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