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Periodic Flare? -- on the SERTS Target on 950515

Image name: Periodic_Flare_15May95.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 10.9760 KB (1100x400)
Date submitted: 20-May-1995

              PERIODIC FLARE (?)
This little flare was observed during the SERTS rocket
flight in the SERTS target region.  SERTS launch was
at 15-May_95 at 18:00 UT.
The light curve is from AlMg.  It is from a 7x10 area
to collect all the signal from saturation on the 
brightest peak.  I see 5 distinct peaks in the light
curve and they look to be separated by about 5, 7, 8 
and 7 minutes.  

The power spectrum of these data gives the strongest peak
at 500 seconds.

Pretty interesting!
                           L. Acton

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