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SFC Pointing Irregularity

Image name: SFC_pointing.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 6.06300 KB (512x512)
Date submitted: 14-Jun-1997

Example of a pointing irregularity reflected in the SFC database. The
plots show ATT.PNT(1) and SXT_CEN(1) for 
infil = '/yd21/97_21a/sfr970521.1239, /yd21/97_21a/sfr970521.1416, 
in IDL> test_att, infil
at ISAS in case somebody wants to try it on another case. 

This shows the interval including the SFC listed as the first of 

24-MAY-97  06:34:28 Open  Be119 Open       544.170      565.770
24-MAY-97  11:26:12 Open  Be119 Open       535.370      581.000

by TERM_REVIEW (the second one is OK).

It appears that something is occasionally messing up the calculation
near the terminator. I think there are N/D cases as well as D/N cases,
but the latter are bad news for stray light corrections in thin Al.

HSH 14-Jun-97

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