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SFDs Before and After the Filter Failures

Image name: SXT_Before_and_After_Entrance_Filter.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 406.680 KB (1024x1024)
Date submitted: 01-Sep-1995

Three SXT images taken with the AlMg (Dagwood) filter.

    Exposure Time    Filt.  Integ.

 3-NOV-92  11:58:17  AlMg   5367.40	Before entrance filter failure
 7-AUG-95  19:38:10  AlMg   5369.04	After entrance filter failure#1
29-AUG-95  09:12:47  AlMg   5367.40	After entrance filter failure#2

The images are SXt composite images and have been corrected for CCD dark
current and stray light.  They have been bytscaled to a maximum of 150.

Color table:
IDL> loadct,3
IDL> stretch,

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