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Solar X-Ray Minimum

Image name: SXT_XRAY_SOLAR_MINIMUM.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 9.80500 KB (800x512)
Date submitted: 03-Mar-1997

                        SOLAR X-RAY MINIMUM

This figure shows the SXT full-sun signal through the AlMgMn filter for the
period around solar minimum.  It appears that the x-ray minimum occurred in
the 23-31 May 1996 period.  To smooth the curve I've rejected all points
more than 10% away from a 35 point running mean with the following program


This clipping resulted in rejection of about 15% of the 22116 samples --
including the very lowest ones in the May minimum. 

The figure was prepared from the SXL database at the request of Bill

					L. Acton   3/17/97

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