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SFC Status 1996-Sep to 1997-Apr

Image name: Term_Status_21_Apr_97.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 6.34800 KB (800x400)
Date submitted: 21-Apr-1997

TERM_REVIEW output, showing the SXT_CEN coordinates of
the successful SFC's since the last rupture, (left) X vs Y;
(right), as a time series. The diamonds are the most recent
points and the dotted lines show the times of revision
of the Yohkoh normal pointing definition. The most recent point
(21 Apr) shows the motion of Yohkoh (S/C south 1') from the
most recent update. The odd points in Jan.-Feb. are probably
EW offpoints that should have been screened out of this

Things look OK.

HSH 21-apr-97

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