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Exact Time of 3rd Entrance Filter Failure

Image name: Third_ent_failur_EXACT_TIME.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 28.7280 KB (512x768)
Date submitted: 03-Oct-1997

This figure illustrates the increase in straylight from
the 3rd entrance filter failure.  At this time Yohkoh was
operating in medium rate.  The SXT signals are both from
the AlMg filter.  The location of the PFI is indicated
by the white box on the inset image.  The dark_subtracted
PFI signal was summed over the smaller area of the black
rectangle within the PFI box.  The FFI straylight signal
was taken from the long black rectangular area on the
RH side of the image.
It appears that the entrance filter failure may have
happened during orbit night arount 07:00 on 24-Aug-96.
The entry in get_yo_dates for this failure has been
changed to 24-Aug-96 07:00 from the preliminary time
of 25-Aug-96 00:00.
L. Acton,  3-Oct-97

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