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Time of First Entrance Filter Failure

Image name: Time_of_1st_Entr_Failure.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 8.70600 KB (512x512)
Date submitted: 27-Jan-1998


I have re-examined the FFI data around the time of the first big SXT
entrance filter failure.  These data are from a small area in the lower
right corner of DPE=25 AlMg images.  The data were decompressed but not
otherwise processed.  The FFI data indicate that the entrance filter failed
between the time of the last FFI in sfr921113.1637 and the first FFI in
sfr921113.1814.  Although only the AlMg data are shown here this conclusion
is consistent with all of the FFI images. 

Presently the time of the first entrance filter failure in get_yo_dates is
13-Nov-92 16:50:00.  I do not recall where that time came from.  This
analysis indicates that a more accurate time of the first entrance filter
failure is 13-Nov-92 18:00:00. 

Recall that this is not the time of the zeroeth entrance filter failure
which took place shortly before 27-Oct-92 16:26.  That failure caused only
a small increase of straylight in the aspect images.

                                      L. Acton   1/27/98

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