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Two CME Launchers in 1994

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Date submitted: 28-Feb-1994

Solar origins of two interplanetary disturbances observed by Ulysses:
Left, an LDE solar flare (3B, M4) in a northern hemisphere active region,
20 February 1994; right, a large polar arcade that developed across the
southern hemisphere on April 14, 1994. The interplanetary consequences 
of these two events were strikingly similar in spite of the
extraordinary differences in the solar conditions at the times of
launching. Both resulted in major geomagnetic storms.  The two events
were (coincidentally) almost exactly two rotations apart.  Both the flare
event and the non-flare event probably launched CMEs, although we only
have the interplanetary observations and cannot confirm this directly.

HSH 28-Feb-94

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