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Study of AL.1 Straylight Signal Over an Orbit

Image name: Variation_of_Al1_straylight.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 22.6720 KB (1024x980)
Date submitted: 26-Feb-1995


Database:  36 Al.1 HR images with 10.7sec exposure between 

	(first, last) = '20-FEB-95  20:57:41', '24-FEB-95  23:55:40'

	Location       L. L. corner      Size
	LL pinhole       [67,49]        192x128
	UL corner        [9,441]         64x64
	LR pinhole       [400,72]        64x64
	UR corner        [447,447]       64x64


1.  Because Yohkoh drift motion is primarily in Y direction the distance
from the LL pinhole and from the LR pinhole are strongly correlated.  In
this figure the distance to LR is only used for analysis of the LR
signal.  The LL distance is used for the other 3 plots.

2.  A clear variation of straylight signal with distance between
suncenter and pinhole(s) is observed in all locations.

3.  The LL pinhole signal also shows a residual linear dependence upon
time since FMS of about 3 percent.

4.  These data are contaminated with solar-x-ray signal -- which will
account for at least some of the scatter.  This and poorer straylight
statistics may also account for the lack of orbital of orbital variation
of the straylight signal in the other 3 locations.

						L. Acton  2/26/95

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