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Partial Solar Eclipse of 13-Nov-1993

Image name: X-ray_Partial_Eclipse.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 99.2970 KB (640x512)
Date submitted: 18-Dec-1993

Partial Solar Eclipse of 13 Nov. 1993

This image shows soft X-ray (~1 keV) observations of a partial solar eclipse
that occurred on 13 Nov. 1993. The data come from the SXT instrument
on boad the Yohkoh spacecraft, which recorded a whole series of
images of the Moon occulting parts of the solar disk and the corona.
These unique observations are quite important scientifically, because
they allow for direct determinations of the X-ray intensity independent
of scattering from SXT's grazing-incidence optics. The axis of the Moon's
shadow passed above the Earth's south pole, so that partial eclipses
could be seen from the Antarctic and from other southern landmasses,
as well as from the southernmost extremity of Yohkoh's orbit. The image
shown here is somewhat blurred by instability in telescope pointing
caused by the eclipse itself.

Submitted by G. Linford and H. Hudson, 18 December 1993

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