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Strange Pointing Results Near BDR Overwrite Gap

Image name: X_across_BDR_gap.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 6.86500 KB (512x512)
Date submitted: 19-Feb-1995


 This figure shows the SXT_CEN pointing from PFI index
 structures for the period.  The two symbols are for
 2 different filters (Be/ND and Al.1/Open).

 (first, last) = '16-FEB-95 00:22:14', '16-FEB-95 03: 44:31'

 The pronounced orbital drift is evident.  However,
 the drift in X before and after the BDR overwrite
 data gap must certainly be an ATT problem rather
 than a real effect.  There was no SAA for these
 orbits.  The KSC contact was well before the
 time of the data gap.

 The units are FR pixels so it seems to be about
 a 2 arcsec effect for each transition, but, as
 they are in opposite senses the jump in a movie
 prepared by SXT_PREP would be more than a pixel
 in the X-direction.

                                 L.  Acton 2/19/95

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