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Drift of ATT Pointing

Image name: att_91_97.png (click image to enlarge)
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Date submitted: 13-Jan-1998

Drift of ATT Pointing

The figure shows the drift of the ATT pointing solution relative
to the SXT.  The ATT pointing solution is derived from HXA data
and the SXT pointing from the X-ray limb in SXT images.
The solid (green) line shows a fit to the slowly varying component.
The discrepancy in the N-S direction has recently grown to nearly
4 arcseconds which has a significant impact on coordinated data
I plan to update the ATT pointing solution in the near future.
I propose to subtract the slowly varying component in the N-S
direction (green line in bottom panel).  The E-W discrepancy
is too small to warrant action at this time.
JPW 13-Jan-98

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