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Update on the Solar-Cycle Variation of SXT Total Signal

Image name: cycle_update.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 10.7180 KB (400x978)
Date submitted: 05-Jul-1997

Update on the solar-cycle variation of total SXT signal level,
using Loren's SXL_ANALYSIS routine (see his earlier version on
SHOW_PIX, which discovered the minimum in June 1996). This is
from AlMg half-res data with some editing of the data via Loren's
program SXL_CLIP.

Upper:  Total signal
Middle: Signal outside 1.05 R_o
Lower:  Sum of pixels in SXL_ANALYSIS's lowest range, 0-50 DN/sec

Are we on the way back up? Stay tuned...

HSH 5-Jul-97

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