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SXT Full-Disk Light Curve 2

Image name: disp2suns_lcur.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 311.453 KB (1024x768)
Date submitted: 11-Nov-1994

This image is an example of the DISP2SUNS routine which shows two SXT
images along with the SXT light curve from the "SXL" database.  The
curve uses full image averages for the SXT half resolution images using
the AlMg filter (the complete "SXL" database has information on all SFD
images taken -- Al.1 and AlMg filters with both quarter and half
resolution) .  The curve shows the decline in activity due to the solar
cycle.  Look at the DISP2SUNS routine to customize and use a different
pair of images (it is a slow program though because of reading the
SXL database).

11-Nov-94 (MDM)

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