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A Full Resolution Diffuser Image

Image name: full_res_diffuser.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 194.177 KB (1024x256)
Date submitted: 06-Jul-1998

A diffuser image taken at full resolution, 1024x256 at the second
quarter of the CCD from the bottom. This is a restored low-8 exposure.
taken in early July 1998. 
With these settings (F/2/3, DPE = 2) we have no bleed problem, so I 
suggest making this image pair the weekly diffuser image pair. Since
each of these frames takes two HR slots, it would also be good to
restrict the diffuser calibrations to pass 2 => pass 4 combinations, i.e.
to upload two tables and get them out of the way promptly.
HSH 6-July-98

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