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HXT-SXT Overlay Images from the 920113 Limb Flare

Image name: hxt_sxt_overlay.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 41.1650 KB (1064x868)
Date submitted: 18-Dec-1993

Hard X-ray (contour) and soft X-ray (color) images from a limb flare
observed by Yohkoh on 1992 Jan. 13. The matrix of images shows, left to
right, images from two SXT filters and the temperature and emission
measure derived from their ratio; top to bottom, images obtained in
three hard X-ray energy bands: 13.9-22.7 keV, 22.7-32.7 keV, and
32.7-52.7 keV. These images are from the early impulsive phase of the
flare, and the hard X-ray images show a remarkable coronal source lying
above the soft X-ray loop structure. This may constitute the first
direct evidence that the primary energy release site for the flare lies
in a reconnection site above the apparent soft X-ray loops.

Submitted by T. Kosugi, 18 Dec. 1993

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