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The 960519 glitch on CCD -- Rise Phase

Image name: may_19_glitch-rise_phase.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 6.48500 KB (640x512)
Date submitted: 31-May-1996

Onset of the May 19 artifact. The points are sums over 96 HR pixels
at the top of the CCD, 8 wide and 12 deep. The line at bottom gives
the DP rate (M or H), and it can be seen that the build-up starts as
soon as the switch to H rate brings in the 68%-open table. The M rate
data are in quarter resolution, and the points have been normalized
to the same number of pixels. Kano_san has noted that this puts the
artifact signal at a level 1.5 times lower than that in the half

The shutter-open PFI table ended at 19-May 23:31, and after this
the signal began to decrease exponentially, as Savy_san found. 
Note however that in successive sunlit orbits the signal charged back
up slightly.

HH 31-May-96

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