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Menagerie of Loops

Image name: menagerie_of_loops.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 240.574 KB (768x768)
Date submitted: 15-Mar-1994


Menagerie of loops

The images shown were obtained from the Soft X-ray Telescope
(SXT) on the Yohkoh solar research spacecraft from October 3, 1991
to January 25, 1992. This particular selection is described in the
article "The Yohkoh Mission for High-Energy Solar Physics", by L.
Acton, et. al., Science vol. 258 , 23 Oct. 1992 pp. 618-625. The
images here were selected to exemplify a variety of solar coronal
features seen in soft x-rays.

A. Large Helmet type structure
B. Arcade of x-ray loops seen end-on
C. Dynamic eruptive which grew at a velocity of about 30km/sec
D. One of many small symmetrical flaring loops seen by SXT
E. Two cusped loops with heating in northern loop
F. Tightly beamed x-ray jet toward southwest at 200 km/sec
G. The sinuous magnetic connection between active regions

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