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Transit of Mercury observed 6 November 1993

Image name: merc_sfd8ffi_nl.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 302.381 KB (1024x512)
Date submitted: 21-Dec-1993

Transit of Mercury observed 6 November 1993

Left: a full-Sun soft X-ray image, showing the track of Mercury during the
transit. The box shows the field of view of the
observations in the right panel.

Right panel. Eight snapshots during the transit. Mercury can be seen as
a dark silhouette. The diameter of Mercury at the te of the transit was
about ten arc s. At the left of the dark notch (a coronal hole) a flaring
coronal bright point can be seen in the upper two or three frames.

Submitted by S. Freeland and H. Hudson, 21 Dec. 1993

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