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"Scorpion" Filament Eruptions

Image name: scorpion_filament_eruptions.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 197.951 KB (512x512)
Date submitted: 15-Mar-1994


"Scorpion" filament eruptions

The images shown were obtained from the Soft the X-ray Telescope (SXT)
on the Yohkoh solar research spacecraft on 26 February 1992. All four
images include the sun's southeast limb curving from down from upper
left to lower right. The first (upper left) image was taken at 16:48 UT
and the next two at 19:33 and 20:01, with the final image taken only a
short time later. Together they illustrate the rapid restructuring of
the sun's magnetic field caused by the eruption of a filament.

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