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Current Status of Terminator Positions and Pointings 2

Image name: term_pointing.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 7.98800 KB (1024x512)
Date submitted: 14-Apr-1997

Left panel: current status of terminator positions, showing 
thin Al and Dag only. The summary of successful SFC candidates
for the current stray-light configuration is (from TERM_REVIEW)

Time range of SFC's:
(first, last) = '29-AUG-96  03:32:38', '10-APR-97  19:21:53'
Filter summary:
            Al.1        AlMg          Be        Al12          Mg
Open          42          19           6           3           6
ND             4           2           1           1           2

The diamonds show the most recent entries for the thin filters.
Right panel: Y coordinates for the "Normal Point" location. This was
redefined on Dec. 6 to move the pointing about 30" N (vertical bar).
The annual motion has taken the pointing far back in the opposite
direction, so we will now re-define the mornal pointing 1' S to

HSH 14-Apr-97 

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