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Current Status of Terminator Positions and Pointings 1

Image name: term_success.png (click image to enlarge)
Image size: 3.76200 KB (512x512)
Date submitted: 21-Feb-1997

A milestone! We have achieved complete coverage of terminator images,
including all ND filter combinations! It took somewhat less than six 
months since the last filter rupture. The plot shows the SXT_CEN locations
at the times of the Al.1 and AlMg terminators. During this period there
were three offpoint locations (5' E, 5' W, 3' W). The green diamonds 
just show the most recent thin filter acquisitions.

Time range of SFC's:
(first, last) = '29-AUG-96  03:32:38', '20-FEB-97  07:51:49'
Filter summary:
            Al.1        AlMg          Be        Al12          Mg
Open          25          13           2           1           5
ND             3           2           1           1           2

HSH, 21 Feb. 1997

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