SXT Smoothies !

Yohkoh/SXT smoothly-running coronal movies (1991-2001).

Yohkoh/SXT smoothly-running coronal movies ("SXT smoothies") are made of full-Sun coronal images processed from SXT Level_3 data obtained with the Yohkoh satellite. While our Level_3 data are already highly processed products (e.g., co-aligned composite images in logarithmic intensity scale), "SXT smoothies" are additionaly processed to enhance visual impact. The main features are as follows: Original idea of this technique was developed by a group of students (supervised by Prof. K. Shibata) at Kyoto University, Japan, and was improved at MSU. We currently provide our products in the Mpeg4 format with music. Here are links to the page providing our product.

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These movies are also available on YouTube, in the SXT_smoothy channel.

The JPEG source files for these movies are found in this directory .

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